• Got a 1920’s murder mystery party to attend? Have you been invited to a ’70’s Disco themed event? ’80’s prom? Look no further! The Nitty Gritty can fill your costume needs! We specialize in Decade Costume Rentals, but we also have a nice selection of wacky tacky fun get-ups for ladies and gents. Can you say, “Furries?”

    Let us help you put together the perfect costume!

    Get on down to The Real Nitty Gritty.

    Rental Policy:

    Rentals are priced at a one night only rate. Rentals can be kept for an extended period at additional charge. You will be required to sign a contract agreeing to our terms of rental. Credit card information will be kept on file with your contract in case of any additional charges incurred, such as damage beyond normal wear and tear, or non-returned items.

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  • 1920's


    Prohibition parties are all the rage! Flapper costumes and gangster suits are among our most popular rental items. Flapper includes dress, pearls and a headpiece, while gangster rentals come with a complete suit, tie, shirt, hat AND shoes. Get your glad rags here - twenty-three skidoo!
  • 1940's / 50's

    1940's / 50's

    Everbody wants to be a pin up girl! You can too, with one of our pin up dresses. We also have a complete poodle skirt outfit that includes the skirt, crinoline, a top, saddle oxford shoes, and a scarf. And let's not forget the guys! We have letter sweaters, leather grease jackets, and bowling shirts.
  • 1960's


    Groovy, baby! Revist the summer of love with items from our collection of tie dye and bell bottoms, fringed suede vests and gogo boots. We also have gogo dresses and some mod looks. There was a lot going on in the 1960s! It's sock it to me time! Psychadelic!
  • 1970's


    So. Much. Polyester. Thanks to the indestructible nature of this decades favorite fabric, we have a large selection of leisure suits for the guys. Complete the look with some platform shoes or white loafers. And we can't forget the disco outfits for the ladies. Jumpsuits and dresses. You'll be dancing the night away, you Jive turkey!
  • 1980's


    Gag me with a spoon, the 80s are BACK. I can't imagine anyone anywhere would have a larger selection of 80s prom dresses in the variety of sizes we do. From size 2 to 24, we've got the dress for your throw back prom party! We also have some, let's face it, HILARIOUS stuff for the guys. Wrestling pants and mesh shirts, and more! Tubular!
  • Historical


    We're talking old, old, OLD school here! Think Henry VIII, Marie Antoinette, or Cleopatra. Regency, Victorian, Colonial, what have you. Titanic event? We can do that. Jane Austen Festival? Yep. Renaissance fair? Of course, milady. We even have a couple Roman Centurion costumes!
  • Holiday


    What is Easter without the Easter bunny? And Christmas isn't Christmas without Santa. We've got your hook up for your holiday characters.
  • Cultural


    Pay homage to your own personal cultural history by renting a costume that represents your heritage. German dirndls and lederhosen, African dashikis, Japanese kimonos, among others.
  • Tuxedos


    From classy and debonair to hilarious and powder blue, we've got you covered for any of your formalwear needs.
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Holidays are Busy!

Halloween is our busiest season. Christmas/Holidays and The Kentucky Derby are also big times for us. Be sure to get in early for the best selection.
The Courier Journal's Video for Halloween Costumes at the Nitty Gritty: