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Welcome to the Nitty Gritty, a vintage clothing & retro costume shoppe. We have 2 floors of vintage clothing ranging from the 20's - 80's for men & women. We specialize in authentic retro costuming for theme parties & events. The Nitty Gritty also stocks new items, such as wigs, fedoras, Go Go Boots to compliment your retro look.

The Nitty Gritty is a fun, eclectic store that also sells housewares & features local artists, and believes in vintage as an original form of recycling.

Go get down to the real Nitty Gritty - no tellin' what you'll find.

Home of the Itty Bitty Kitty of The Nitty Gritty!


  • Sunday 11am-5pm
  • Monday - Saturday 11am-6pm
  • Yep! That's 7 Days A Week!!!

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996 Barret Ave., Louisville, Kentucky 40204 • 502-583-3377

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